<b>Michelle Kavanaugh-Anastasi</b>
Michelle Kavanaugh-Anastasi

Owner / Founder

Michelle Kavanaugh is the owner/founder of Organize Senior Moves. Her first foray into this industry was in 2005 when she started a companionship service for seniors, offering help with grocery shopping and preparing meals. She soon realized that many of her clients remained unpacked for months after relocating and didn't feel settled in their own homes. With that realization came the launch of Organize Senior Moves in 2008 and a totally different area of business where she and her team of 20+ help clients transition into new homes, many times senior living facilities. With one hug she makes new clients feel like old friends and helps ease all of their fears and worries about the next phase of their lives.

Best Skills: Making others feel at ease; compassion, patience, meticulous attention to detail, design and organizational skills.

When I am not working: I truly enjoy being surrounded by family and friends.

"The Organize Senior Moves team is composed of some wonderfully capable, caring, and talented people. Our group works well together, and is constantly learning from each other. This job has offered me an opportunity to help others while enriching my own life at the same time."

<b>Mary Beth Galarneau</b>
Mary Beth Galarneau

Marketing Manager

I'm a stay-at-home working mom of three small children - everyday is an adventure. Doing social media and marketing for OSM fulfills my creative side and allows me to use my writing skills.

<b>Lisa Puvogel</b>
Lisa Puvogel

Project Manager

I love that I get to use my skills as a decorator, designer and organizer with clients who are so appreciative and so willing to share pieces of their lives as we help them sort through a lifetime of memories. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I have after a day of working with OSM.

<b>Kari Manuel</b>
Kari Manuel

Project Manager

Many moves across the country and locally have given me many of the skills and understanding necessary to help clients downsize, transition and organize their belongings. At the end of a job I aim to make sure our clients are comfortable, happy and settled in their new home.

<b>Laurie Harder</b>
Laurie Harder

Project Manager

My friends call on me to be their "personal shopper" for furniture, clothing and home projects. I love to decorate and I'm good at placing furniture/artwork. I also enjoy organizing the kitchen. When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and two boys.

<b>Elsie Pastor</b>
Elsie Pastor

Franchise Manager

I love to sew and crochet in my free time. I also love spending time with my grandchildren, who range in age from 5 to 18, which means everything we do is very diversified. We have a lot of fun!

Cindy Pitts
Cindy Pitts

I love to travel, but I also really love being at home. I love to decorate and am always changing things around in my house. That’s why working for OSM is such a great job for me; the best part is knowing that you helped someone.

Kathi McKeough
Kathi McKeough

I recently started with OSM and have enjoyed learning the process from start to finish. Meeting the different clients is the most enjoyable. I love cooking, decorating and exploring nature.

<b>Amy Lucey</b>
Amy Lucey

Team Member

My background is in graphic design, however I have a keen interest in all areas of design. I bring my creativity and love of creating organized and inviting spaces to OSM.

<b>Kelly Cerza</b>
Kelly Cerza

After staying home for many years to raise my three daughters, I joined the OSM team three years ago.  I love working here because I get to meet so many great people. When I am not working I enjoy watching my girls play sports and spending time with family and friends.

Gigi Andres
Gigi Andres

Family, friends, traveling, and turning chaos into order are my passions. People and their possessions make such fascinating stories!