<b>Michelle Kavanaugh-Anastasi</b>
Michelle Kavanaugh-Anastasi

Owner / Founder

Michelle Kavanaugh is the owner/founder of Organize Senior Moves. Her first foray into this industry was in 2005 when she started a companionship service for seniors, offering help with grocery shopping and preparing meals. She soon realized that many of her clients remained unpacked for months after relocating and didn't feel settled in their own homes. With that realization came the launch of Organize Senior Moves in 2008 and a totally different area of business where she and her team of 20+ help clients transition into new homes, many times senior living facilities. With one hug she makes new clients feel like old friends and helps ease all of their fears and worries about the next phase of their lives. When she's not working Michelle truly enjoys being surrounded by family and friends.

<b>Lisa Puvogel</b>
Lisa Puvogel

Project Manager

I love that I get to use my skills as a decorator, designer and organizer with clients who are so appreciative and so willing to share pieces of their lives as we help them sort through a lifetime of memories. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I have after a day of working with OSM.

<b>Laurie Harder</b>
Laurie Harder

Project Manager

My friends call on me to be their "personal shopper" for furniture, clothing and home projects. I love to decorate and I'm good at placing furniture/artwork. I also enjoy organizing the kitchen. When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and two boys.

Cindy Pitts
Cindy Pitts

Project Manager

I love to travel, but I also really love being at home. I love to decorate and am always changing things around in my house. That’s why working for OSM is such a great job for me; the best part is knowing that you helped someone.

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The mission of Organize Senior Moves is to provide our clients and their families the care, attentiveness and trust during the physical and emotional time while transitioning from one home to another. Our team stands by our service with compassion, integrity, and knowledge -- making this a stress free process. We really do "Make moving easier!"

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