Lori Traci in Saratoga Springs, NY

Franchise Owner  (Website)

With over 25 years of experience in Business Management & Interior Design, I am very passionate about excellent customer service. My greatest satisfaction and enjoyment is to provide every client with a wonderful transition experience before, during and after every move. As a certified Senior Moving Manager, my job truly amazes me every day being able to help others in a unique personal way with all our senior relocation services.

Best Skills:
Positive attitude, Team player and ability to empathize with others. I am a natural detailed organizer; my passion is design & space management along with completing every task well in a timely manner.

When I Am Not Working:
I love to relax and enjoy all that life can offer.

Pam Paciaroni in Charleston, SC

Franchise Owner  (Website)

I am originally from Massachusetts, but have lived in Charleston, SC for the past 20 years and definitely call it home! I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My background is in event planning/management, wedding directing/planning, catering management, and non-profit organizations.  I enjoyed what I was doing but, knew that I needed something more. For a long time, I have wanted to work with older adults in the senior community, and feel so fortunate to have found Organize Senior Moves.  The founder and her staff at the main office truly care about others, and I knew that I immediately wanted to be part of this passionate team. Organize Senior Moves is a perfect fit for me. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you are helping someone with an important event in their life.  Planning a special event is very much like planning a big move. Exciting, stressful, and crazy all wrapped in one. Let us help!

Best Skills:
Making others feel at ease, patience, meticulous attention to detail, design, organizational skills, and task orientated

When I am not working:
I love going out to dinner, going to the beach, working in my yard and walking “The Bridge”.